Traffic, Engagement & Acquisition

Traffic Engagement & Acquisition

With the massification of the Internet, we have come across an infinite source of relevant information. The results of this behavior study explains to us how the consumer gets interested, researches, learns, asks, questions, prefers, gets connected, interacts, buys and recommends.

This chain of events constitutes the journey a consumer makes to determine his or her buying preferences. Thoroughly understanding this journey through the hundreds of campaigns we run every year with organic and/or paid searches helps us create effective campaigns. We use all the Internet’s available possibilities to position your brand in the mind, heart and hands of your final customer.

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Traffic Engagement & Acquisition
Traffic Engagement & Acquisition

Online Media Branding Campaigns

These types of campaigns are focused on getting, accelerating and/or strengthening your brand’s visibility. They aim to stimulate the market to create an interest for your brand.Our team will help you with the design and conception of all the creative and interactive assets that will take the message to your niches. In the background, we administer your media investment and generate reports on which you will be able to measure the performance of all the key aspects.

    • Landing Page Creation
    • Concept and Content Creation
    • Ads Creation (Social, Text, Display & Rich Media Ads)
    • Buying, Setting and Optimization of PPC Campaigns
    • Measurement and Reporting

Lead & Client Acquisition Campaigns

These campaigns are focused on generating leads or increasing sales in the short or medium term.Our team will design the creative and interactive assets needed to captivate your target market, plan and administer your media investment, work on your leads, and create reports you need to measure the success of the campaign.

    • Landing creation and optimization
    • Ads creation (social, text, display & rich media ads)
    • A/B testing and multivariable testing
    • Buying, setting and optimization of PPC Campaigns
    • Lead capturing, scoring and nurturing
    • Measurement and reporting

Social Media Marketing

Long gone are the days when you spoke unidirectionally as a brand through a megaphone with the same message for every market. Social Media has made brands accessible and presented the possibility to relate to them as organic entities. Our Social Media campaigns will help you develop communities through which you will be able to put your ear to the ground marketwise, demonstrate the value of your products and services, win over the consumer’s preference, better your brand perception, earn your client’s trust and loyalty, and reward your brand ambassadors.

    • Social Profile Creation and Optimization
    • Community management
    • Reputation Management
    • Content Development, Seeding & Distribution
    • Social Listening

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing means attracting hundreds or thousands of strangers through valuable content and turning them into clients and your best brand ambassadors.Our Inbound Marketing campaigns are designed so that your company shows its experience and expertise through its content. Content that will help demonstrate why it’s an industry leader and make strong arguments to convert potential clients into profitable ones.We’ll convert that organic and holistic vision of marketing into a powerful competitive advantage that works 24/7 for your company. Our goal is to turn your digital channels into profitable investments while considerably reducing the dependency of investing in paid media both online and offline.

    • Search engine optimization (SEO)
    • Blogging
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Content
    • Lead Generation
    • Analytics

I have a few projects that I need to get started!

I have a few projects that I need to get started!

  • Strategic Planning

    We are the ideal partner to help you with the competitive intelligence of your target markets, the digital strategy for your business, and planning your digital...

    • Market Intelligence
    • Digital Business Strategy
    • Campaign Planning
  • Branding, Design & Communication

    In the digital world, the war between the brands isn’t based on ad space dimensions because they are all constrained to the screen size of the device they are appearing on...

    • Brands' Visual Identity
    • Interactive Design
    • Brand Storytelling
  • Platform & Content Creation

    A brand’s power is reflected through the power of its actions. In the digital world, these actions are maximized by materializing the product with good strategies...

    • Technology and Content Services
    • Web, Mobile and Social Channel Development
    • Content Creation
  • Traffic, Engagement & Acquisition

    With the massification of the Internet, we have come across an infinite source of relevant information. The results of this behavior study explains...

    • Online Media Branding Campaigns
    • Lead & Client Acquisition Campaigns
    • Social Media Marketing
    • Inbound Marketing
  • Performance Analysis

    The information analysis that comes from outside of your digital channels and from our digital and online marketing campaigns is vital for Contáctica...

    • Integrated Brand Monitoring