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We had to drive a considerable percentage of the business efforts Triple-S did for one of its principal and most coveted properties, Seguros de Salud Triple-S Directo to the digital world.

This effort had to demonstrate that the proposed idea, strategy, media and tools where effective to improve usability and tool accessibility, generate “friendlier” content related to the services offered, and finally, implement a better lead attraction program of highly qualified prospects who were decided to make a purchase.

Triple-S Challenge


First, we researched some key behaviors in people who were looking for healthcare-related solutions. We researched their interests, how they searched, and how they processed the characteristics and benefits of the offered services, among other key insights. As a result, we realized that there were pockets of opportunities within the digital ecosystem that were not developed yet and we were prepared to take advantage of them.

As a first step, we created a pilot phase that included a landing page with basic information about the healthcare plans options the client wanted to test. This phase was launched with a conservative budget and was driven by a SEM campaign (search engines) designed to generate relevant traffic based on the user’s search context. We proved the effectiveness of all our efforts and gained a more comprehensive knowledge about the behavior and interests of the digital market that gravitated around the category.

Which plan is better?

Life is different for everyone and so are your needs.

Triple-S Website

Perfect Plan

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Results for the first phase were:


More Traffic

Higher Traffic
than estimated


Estimated Prospect

More prospect leads
than estimated



Prospect to client
conversion rate

The results achieved during the first phase further solidified our proposal, which was now ready to be launched at a larger scale. This phase had a bigger budget invested in evolving the previous landing page into a comprehensive microsite with more service and product related content. We also redesigned the site and navigation structure to make it friendlier and more accessible for any mobile user.

We also developed lead generation tools with more a more refined focus for user’s knowledge and interests.

Results for the second phase:


Increase in average lead conversion per month


Increase in traffic due to campaign


Decrease in landing page bounce rate


Increase in recurring visits


Increase in average time spent on site


Increase in internal page visits


Increase in traffic from mobile


Préstamo de Autos BPPR

Préstamo de Autos – BPPR

Choosing a car is a big decision. If you make the right decision, that car bought today can be you child’s first car. Up until now, BPPR had centered its advertising efforts on talking about the best rate or monthly payment. The problem was that BPPR was not alone; its competitors took on the same approach. The challenge was on the table: How do we distinguish ourselves from that red sea to attract and convert customers? In other words, how do we get more client leads?

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