Somos Museo

The Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico (MAPR) needed a way to engage with people and get them more interested in their institution. Guided by their needs, we focused our efforts on making people part of the Museum. That is how ‘Somos Museo’ was born. The word “Somos” automatically implies that we belong. Through a statement in first person plural we are actively being inclusive and making everyone who comes in touch with it part of the institution. Through a fun, warm and unexpected use of an element from MAPR’s logo, we created an engaging program that enticed our target to participate, express themselves and most importantly, share it with friends. Through “Somos Museo” we engaged users by inviting them to place a headshot picture through an application where they were able to place the Museum’s stroke as a “mustache”.

As a result, we received 3,000+ participations. Imagine that, more than 3,000 people paraded around on Facebook with the MAPR stroke on their pictures. The interactions also increased our fan base by more than 10,000.


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    • Facebook App/Tab
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