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The Challenge

The Public Transportation Department (DTOP) of Puerto Rico (PR) estimates that in 2012 there were a little over 3 million cars cruising on our streets. Taking into consideration that there are less than 3.8 million people in Puerto Rico, and that minors and the elderly don’t drive, it’s not far from the truth to say that there is more than one car per habitant. This fact makes us one of the countries with the highest car per capita ratios in the world.

If we add to this that Puerto Rico is not a rich country and has car payments embedded to its population’s DNA, the resulting situation is a red sea in the car financing market; completely focused and committed on the price and financing rate.

Up until now, BPPR had centered its advertising efforts on talking about the best rate or monthly payment. The problem was that BPPR was not alone; its competitors took on the same approach. In the end, the message was getting lost and there were fewer client leads as a result.

The challenge was on the table:
How do we distinguish ourselves from that red sea to attract and convert customers? In other words, how do we get more client leads?


    • Digital Car Comparison Tool
    • Personalized Virtual Assistance Tool
    • Audiovisual and written content centered on the user
    • Loan Calculator
    • Mixed online campaign that included search engines, social media and display ads
    • Social Media dissemination

Our Solution

Taking into consideration BPPR’s innovative nature and focus in offering more value to its clients, we just had to dig a little and pick the brains of the bank’s auto experts to develop a whole new portfolio with great content and digital tools aimed at advising the customer. We were breaking new ground with this. For the first time, the message was not about the brand or products, it was about what really mattered to the customer.

Our research had shown that Puerto Ricans do a thorough research before buying a car and their biggest ally during that process was the Internet. Based on these results, we aligned the content and tools to respond to these inquiries. We then launched an online advertising campaign — as a complement to the offline campaign — that combined the power of search engines, social networks and canalized part of the organic traffic that came trough

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Everything you need to buy
a car like a professional

A myriad of tools created to support the different steps of
the purchase decision process.

Autos BPPR Strategy

The Results

We surpassed client’s expected leads by 5%.

We achieved unprecedented engagement for a campaign about this product, 52% of visitors returned to the site and 29% of unique visitors interacted with the content and tools available.

Spreading all the content focused on the client through BPPR social media channels, blog entries and the online campaign focused on the search terms used during the buying process were key factors to the success of this effort. Through this campaign, customers found out about the tools and content, but also shared, multiplied, commented and showed how satisfied it was with the proposed tools and content.


of visitors returned to the site


of unique visitors interacted with the content


We surpassed client’s expected leads

Great work! This is what I need!

Great work! This is what I need!


My Puerto Rico Experience

My Puerto Rico Experience

Vacations… don’t we all just instantly go into a state of blissful daydreaming just by hearing that word? There’s no paradise like Puerto Rico and we wanted the world to know! Our challenge here lies in bringing those tourists escaping the bitter American cold to our tropical paradise and have them staying in IHE’s properties. Now, how can we do it while giving users more than they expected?

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