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Christmas in Puerto Rico is a time of celebration, a time to act selflessly and give before receiving. Still, the economic situation robbed Puerto Ricans the joy of the season making it more about nostalgia and concern.

“How do I get the money to buy this gift?” or “Who will I have to leave without a gift?” Where common thoughts in people’s minds. That’s why we used the annual event Martes de Plaza as a channel to touch the lives of clients of Banco Popular and help them have the best possible Christmas, free of financial worries and hustle.

Our goal: Create conversations and close relationships with users through digital channels.


    • Social Media strategy.
    • Digital marketing.
    • Brand awareness.
    • Web design.
    • Online form.


Taking into consideration our objective, the strategy was to design a surprise experience for our customers to give them an unforgettable Christmas, where the first step was to develop a contest through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Multiply your Joy, was a contest where you nominated a loved one who wanted something special during this holiday season but you couldn’t afford it. By completing the form, you participated for the chance to win the gift your loved one desired, multiplying your joy at Christmas.

Once the contest ended, 3 random winners, were asked to take their nominees, to surprise them at Plaza Las Américas. Once there, not only the nominee would receive their surprise gift, but also the person who nominated them got a special prize to make them both winners with Popular.

With “Multiply your Joy” we bring the digital world into reality by creating a live promotion that caught the attention of those present during Martes de Plaza. As a surprise experience, we were able to capture real and genuine reactions of our winners who then shared them on social networks.


  • 2,058 participants.
  • 5,127,272 impressions
  • Scope of 2,224,965.
  • 60.173 interactions on Facebook
  • 4,057 interactions in Instagram.
  • 2,417 interactions on Twitter
  • 148.122 video views.



Triple-S Directo

Triple-S is the leader in the healthcare market in Puerto Rico, but needed a stronger online lead generation process. Our challenge here was to drive a considerable percentage of the business efforts Triple-S did for one of its principal and most coveted properties, Seguros de Salud Triple-S Directo to the digital world. How customization and great planning lead to success?

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