Popular- Olympic Games 2012

The 2012 Olympic Games in London served as a great opportunity for Banco Popular not only to support Puerto Rico’s best athletes, but to unite the country for a great cause and of course, we were there to make it happen in social.

Based on the concept that we all have to overcome obstacles to “echar pa’lante”, Javier Culson, one of Puerto Rico’s strongest Olympic hurdler, would be running in August during the Olympic games… very, very early in the morning. Our hurdle? Rallying tens of thousands of people to wake up at 6am on August 3rd to watch Culson run and overcome his own obstacles in the race. Culson overcame his obstacles winning a bronze medal at the end, and so did we.

We covered all of Culson’s activities during the games, as well as congratulated other Puerto Rican athletes, like Jaime Espinal (who won a silver medal) and Jeyvier Cintrón. We received incredible interactions via Social, with posts and tweets reaching 1,000+ interactions in a matter of seconds and YouTube videos with thousands of views.

When it was all over, it was time to welcome back our athletes. We provided live coverage of their homecoming parade and event, unifying all Puerto Ricans and showing our pride. ¡Eso es echar pa’lante!


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