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Making people aware about a specific cause or subject is usually more effective by the use of images, and the best social platform out there to do this is Instagram. That is why we have incorporated Junte Ambiental on this platform. By constantly sharing images of nature and different ways to contribute to it, we have gotten our Followers more engaged in our conversation about conserving and protecting our planet. Our effective use of Instagram for Junte Ambiental has fully been supported by Facebook, this way the conversation can persist in a multi-channel environment.

This has resulted in a more effective relationship with interactions. Due to the Instagram activity, Junte Ambiental’s communities doubled. It’s all about giving followers what they want, and in return you will always get the best results.


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Casa Cubierta Triple-S

Casa Cubierta

When our insurance client, Triple-S Propiedad, needed an interactive way to explain their product “Casa Cubierta”, our creative team responded with a simple motion graphics animation. In this video, we educate on how homeowners can protect their property with Triple-S and their hazard insurance policy offers, while saving 35% instantly. By accessing the process […]

My Puerto Rico Experience

My Puerto Rico Experience

Vacations… don’t we all just instantly go into a state of blissful daydreaming just by hearing that word? There’s no paradise like Puerto Rico and we wanted the world to know! Our challenge here lies in bringing those tourists escaping the bitter American cold to our tropical paradise and have them staying in IHE’s properties. Now, how can we do it while giving users more than they expected?

Préstamo de Autos BPPR

Préstamo de Autos – BPPR

Choosing a car is a big decision. If you make the right decision, that car bought today can be you child’s first car. Up until now, BPPR had centered its advertising efforts on talking about the best rate or monthly payment. The problem was that BPPR was not alone; its competitors took on the same approach. The challenge was on the table: How do we distinguish ourselves from that red sea to attract and convert customers? In other words, how do we get more client leads?

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