Heineken: Party in the Mountain

Heineken: Party in the Mountain


Puerto Rico is world renowned for having the longest Christmas in the world: I “chinchorreo” around the island, parrandas with family and friends, food, drink, parties, parties and more parties.

For Heineken, the challenge was then to take the Holiday Season by storm within their most valuable target group: young consumers. This is how we turned them into brand ambassadors.


    • Brand experience.
    • Content strategy.
    • Social Media.
    • Brand experience.
    • Influencers strategy.
    • Facebook.
    • Instagram.
    • YouTube.
    • 360 experience.
    • Digital marketing.


We came-up with an event, that would provide a unique experience to influencers, who would amplify their experience for brand to reach its expected visibility. This event had three key elements: The creation of unique Heineken Moments, help capture the experiences and promote influencers to share the content.

Our strategy event was divided into 3 phases:

First Stage (Heineken Moments)

We ran promotions at strategic points, to obtain part of the database necessary to send invitations to the party.

We publish teasers (organic posts) shared by our ambassadors to generate conversation on social networks, fueling the feeling of exclusivity of the event, under the message: “You must be invited to participate.”

This phase also had an element of expectation, publishing only the date of the event, nurturing the mystery surrounding the place of the event (A party on a mountain).

Second Phase (Capturing Experiences)

The meeting point was Mendez & Co. From there, we transported guests in buses to a mountain house in Cayey. During the trip, a Heineken expert gave instructions on the correct way to “star-serve” (how to serve a draft beer).

When we reached the place, attendees were greeted with draft beers in a competition where the bus that best served prizes were awarded. The traditional Christmas elements like jíbaro music, pleneros, and traditional Christmas food were key to the success of the event.

Third Phase (Share Content)

This event was amplified organically with content shared by the guests. To ensure we generated relevant content Heineken’s Christmas Season campaign “Where you celebrate your Christmas?”, we created the Hashtag #IN, and work a montage photo with the neck of the bottle and the name of the people “CAYEY” with Snapchat the same typeface, with the spectacular view of the mountains.

Also we captured 360 video content to amplify experience in Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.



  • Organic Reach 322.094.
  • 75k Organic Interactions.
  • 71k True Video Views.
  • 322.094 unique youngsters reached, thanks to the amplified messages of 250 guests