Heineken Agitators (Influencer-based Marketing Strategy)

Heineken Agitators


In the last year (2014), Heineken had lost relevance within the “Young Consumers” demographic, since they are less influenced by traditional advertising; therefore, we faced the challenge of creating a strategy to reach them in a subtle and natural way to:

  • Reconnect with the Heineken brand.
  • Reset the brand’s positioning to increase its relevance.
  • Rebuild trust with a demographic that no longer felt identified with Heineken.


    • Influencers strategy.
    • Social Media strategy.
    • Digital marketing.
    • Brand experience.


Assuming that the “Young Consumers” are digital natives, we decided to recruit “Influencers”. But not the typical influencer that usually are famous artists; but young peers that standout in different lifestyles. Their content has gained them credibility and by leveraging it we could create a direct impact.

We broke the barriers of traditional communication of the brand, creating bold content on social channels like Snapchat and Instagram. The mission of these influencers (that we branded as The Agitators) was to cause / stir-up a desire to belong to Heineken’s PREMIUM circle. The activities associated with that lifestyle where spread using the hashtags #HeinekenPR, #HeinekenMoments and #VivelaVerde.



  • 70,000 unique interactions in Instagram.
  • 500k unique reach
  • 2.6 million impressions on Instagram.
  • 142.934 organic interactions in all social networks.
  • 5.2 million unique organic impressions on all social networks.