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Just as athletes put their best foot forward in order to win, we took on the challenge of Gatorade’s Win From Within campaign. We went beyond creating a Facebook community: we created a place where fans could learn about Gatorade, and also interact, be inspired and push themselves toward their fitness goals. We became our fan’s personal cheerleaders, motivating them to push harder when it comes to achieving their goals.

Thanks to passionate posts and reminders to always “give your best”, the page’s motivational emphasis pretty much speaks for itself. Many Gatorade events are showcased, as well as the brand’s G-Series Athletes. It’s our goal to help our fans cheer our athletes with their interactions while supporting sporting events, fitness and a healthy lifestyle within the page. That’s why we run various contests throughout the year for different sporting events: engagement is everything!

We’ve tripled Gatorade Puerto Rico’s Facebook fan base and page engagement, while keeping the brand not only on the benches of a sporting event, but also at the center of our fans’ minds. The lesson? Win from Within is not only an expression, but a lifestyle!


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