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Cameo has the best fans in the world, there’s no question about it. The flirtatious cookie has a loyal following that proves time and time again through every post that a well thought-up personality, engaging content, and community management are irresistible. It’s all about the people at the center of this awesomeness, the Cameo Lovers.

It’s up to us to make them feel loved and appreciated. To accomplish this, Cameo interacts with them, in any language. Yes, our cookie is multi-lingual and well-educated. We’d give more details, but Cameo doesn’t like to brag.

The most incredible stories come from people that live someplace where the cookie is not available. Cameo responds with a heart-felt message of hope, gratitude and a promise that if they look hard enough, they’ll see a whole troop of Cameo cookies trying to make their way to their area. “It’s just that we are really small and afraid of dogs”, says Cameo to a Lover who lives in a military base in the U.S.

There were almost 100,000 Cameo Lovers by the end of 2012. Not bad at all for a page that started in 2010 whose engagement and growth has been Organic for most of the time.

It was the perfect time to give back to our loyal Lovers. A contest was developed in Facebook where 12 Cameo Lovers could win a cash price. All they had to do was fill out a form. The winners would be chosen at random. There were thousands of entries in the month-long contest, and a lot of love spread around. As you can see, there are more than 100,000 reasons why Cameo is Puerto Rico’s quintessential love brand.


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This is the kind of help I need!

This is the kind of help I need!