Brisk- Notebook Covers

Back-to-School can be stressful. You have to look cool and confident… the wrong notebook could ruin your cred before you even get one. But you know, Brisk is the only Iced Tea with street cred and naturally it has a rep to protect: its followers rep. So we decided to make a Landing Page where students could download awesome Brisk designs to cover their notebooks with.

The objective was to create a loyal following of high school and college students who would carry the brand with them offline. Propietary social content was specially designed for Facebook posts and Instagram proved that the covers looked legit. In less than three weeks over 250 covers were downloaded and lots of swag started flowing throughout the school system.

Working with such a fun-loving young brand gives us great ideas for the future. Most of all, we want to give our community a reason to keep on being loyal to the coolest iced tea around. It comes with the territory. Thirsty?


    • Landing Page
    • Social Content
    • Facebook Posts
    • Instagram Management
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