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The Challenge

During the last few years, Banco Popular of Puerto Rico (BPPR) has developed multiple programs to reward its clients. As these programs started to take off, the communication efforts about them started to fragment. As years went by, it became too complex and inefficient to integrate all the benefits from the different programs for Popular clients into a single message.

Under these circumstances, PREMIA®, the most renowned and leading loyalty program in BPPR, had created a virtual catalog where clients could view available products and order them on the spot or call a PREMIA® customer service representative and redeem points through them.

This process wasn’t as successful as expected. The mechanism was mostly manual which made the whole activity slow and expensive, and most importantly, it wasn’t a completely satisfactory experience for the user.

With all of this in mind, the challenge was set:

    • How to lower the costs related to the redemption process?
    • How to create a completely satisfactory experience for the client and better the perception they have about the brand’s complementary benefits?
    • How to integrate and effectively communicate BPPR’s Appreciation program as a whole?


    • HTML5 – Integration and synchronization of client’s database
    • SEO Friendly Development
    • UX- Development focused in an e-commerce experience
    • Search + Display PCP Campaign
    • Access and real-time redemption through client’s universal username and password
    • Integrated loyalty program
    • Mobile site coming soon!

Our Solution

We created a new PREMIA® portal www.premia.com where information about discounts and events programs was integrated into PREMIA®’s information and redeeming process.

For PREMIA® specifically, it was important to have a real-time catalog filled with detailed product descriptions and high quality images. The catalog had to be easy to navigate so that even the most inexperienced user could intuitively find what they were looking for and finally, but most importantly, redeeming had to be achieved in real-time, without the need of a middleman. In short, a world-class e-commerce experience that could be accessed with the same information the client already used to access all other Online Banking features.

Last but not least, and following BPPR brand guidelines, we presented intuitive and effective content that could easily explain the website features and give insight about the other programs available for our clients. We made sure the site was search engine, social network and user- friendly. And of course, coming soon, mobile-friendly!

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The formula
for a happy ending:

Efficiently and comprehensively
communicate the value offered through
your loyalty programs.

BPPR Premia

The Results

Referring to costs, the reduction was so effective that the project investment paid for itself in only three months after the launch because redeeming was processed electronically instead of manually. Online redeeming time was lowered to 4% of the time it took to manually process before, and 10% of what it took to redeem though the phone.

Search engine-friendly development gave prominence to the site. It went from practically invisible to being the first result people got when searching with the keyword “premia”. Adding to this all the referrals from social networks, the website’s traffic went well over 60K visitants on the first month after launch, which also benefited all the other programs included.

Also, the efforts to create an intuitive, user-friendly design were fruitful. Over the first four months of 2013 total traffic averaged 5:28 minutes per visitor, 9.17 pages per visit and a very low bounce rate of 33%. This translated into online redeeming increasing from a 39% to a 59%, and that 59% executes online redeeming in real-time without any manual intervention whatsoever.

El éxito del proyecto lo validamos día a día cuando vemos que no tan sólo hemos logrado eficiencias en procesos, sino haber elevado la experiencia del cliente premiándose como quiera y cuando quiera.

Cynthia Soto

Supervisora / Relationship Marketing


Manual processing time was reduced by 96%


online redemptions became 59% of the total


of all redemptions do not require manual intervention

This is the kind of help I need!

This is the kind of help I need!