A Surprise for Willy

A Surprise for Willy


Father’s Day is not as heavily promoted as Mother’s Day and it shows in the levels of commitment of the entire weekend. Banco Popular de Puerto Rico, wanted to give more importance to this event, taking the challenge to:

  • Show our appreciation of Father’s Day to increase positive brand image.
  • Create a unique promo so a winner could travel to visit his/her father.
  • Increase levels of engagement of users by 1.45%
  • Achieve 100 participants in the promo.


    • Story Telling.
    • Social Media contest.
    • Content Marketing.
    • Father´s day.
    • Brand Experience.


Given the current state of the economy, many Puerto Ricans have left the island to seek better opportunities in the United States. Those Puerto Ricans who have family on the island, sometimes don’t have the opportunity to return home for important dates due to lack of resources. We wanted to make it economically possible to make these encounters happen.

Storytelling is a powerful tool for content and we wanted to take advantage of it, therefore, we created a story told from the point of view of a father’s story and his desire to see his children, so that potential participants to imagine themselves surprising their parents, share content and participate in the promo.

To achieve greater visibility and impact we targeted messages in Puerto Rico and the US cities with the highest density of Puerto Ricans: Chicago, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and New York.

The main message was delivered in a video that told the real-life story of Willy, a father who had not seen his children together in a long time. Banco Popular made his dream come true on Father’s Day, gathering them all to celebrate.

To give more emotion to the video, we recorded the moment he believes to be in a video call with their children, when in fact they were hiding in his home preparing to give him the surprise of his life. This was the teaser that preceded the promotion.



  • 1.5MM total impressions.
  • 24.897 interactions on Facebook.
  • 210 participants (the target was 100).
  • 25,005 video views.
  • 7,425 new likes on Facebook.
  • 135% increase in user participation in social networks the bank.



Triple-S Directo

Triple-S is the leader in the healthcare market in Puerto Rico, but needed a stronger online lead generation process. Our challenge here was to drive a considerable percentage of the business efforts Triple-S did for one of its principal and most coveted properties, Seguros de Salud Triple-S Directo to the digital world. How customization and great planning lead to success?

My Puerto Rico Experience

My Puerto Rico Experience

Vacations… don’t we all just instantly go into a state of blissful daydreaming just by hearing that word? There’s no paradise like Puerto Rico and we wanted the world to know! Our challenge here lies in bringing those tourists escaping the bitter American cold to our tropical paradise and have them staying in IHE’s properties. Now, how can we do it while giving users more than they expected?

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