Knowledge is power” and, thanks to Google, information has never been as accessible as it is today. We rely on this search engine more than we can consciously imagine. From mundane thoughts we get throughout the day to serious research for work or school, we just Google it (we even made it a verb!). Now, the best part of searching is when you find yourself with some unbelievable auto-complete suggestions based on what other users are “googling”. In this week’s infographic, we’ve gathered up the craziest things people search for. As a bonus, we’re adding other funny searches in the blog that didn’t make it to the infographic. Now, be honest with us: How many of them have you “Googled”?

1.“Lady Gaga naked” 135K searches per month
2.“How to make my cat love me” 390K searches per month
3.“Why did I get married?” 40.5K searches per month
4.“Is Santa Claus real?” 60.5K searches per month
5. “Why do men have nipples?” 18K searches per month



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