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The digital footprint of Hurricane Maria, by Contáctica PR.

We are Contáctica, a digital marketing agency located in Puerto Rico. While the hurricane Maria hit our Island on September 19th we made the task of dimensioning the digital footprint that this phenomenon of nature generated around the world between September 19th and September 25th of 2017.

What is a user test and why does your digital product need one

Have you ever asked yourself why, if you have a well designed digital product that reflects your impeccable brand image, which covers all the important points of your business and provides relevant information, has a high rebound rate? Why don’t you find ways to generate leads that you need if you have a more than […]

Interactive Video. How to increase brand engagement.

Technology and the democratization of information have allowed the user’s role to shift from being passive to active, from listening to demanding, from observing and being able to shape their experiences. On the one hand, consumers are looking for brands to address them personally. On the other hand, brands need to know and then satisfy […]