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Who We Are

We started out in 2004, convinced that in an ever-growing digital world it was required to add technology to the creative, marketing and communications equation.

Our relentless passion for discovering how people interact, learn, consume, and build their dreams and needs supported by a digital world for each product or service are the starting points from which we create and maximize contact points for brands to develop more solid, profitable and lasting relationships.

We are a full-service digital agency that will work with your team on your campaigns’ strategic planning and interactive experience design on your platforms. We will tell your brand’s story and make your target market interact with it.

As a result, they will become your clients and tell us through their behavior and voice how to keep on being relevant, profitable and innovative for you.

Contáctica and its affiliates, Smart Digital and Digital Valley, are in the constant search for excellence. Together we form a multidisciplinary bilingual team of over 50 incredible professionals enriched by the talent and culture that each one of them brings to the table from different parts of the world, some of them with over 10 years of experience in the communication and online marketing world, makes us the ideal partner for companies that understand the importance of the digital world for their business’ evolution, and also for those who want to develop a relationship with Latin America, the Caribbean and United States’ Hispanic Market.

It’s not only about having good ideas;
it’s about proving that they work.

It’s not only a matter of making them work once, it’s a matter of making them deliver good results continuously.


  • Diversity


    Multi-cultural, multi-language, multi-beliefs, multi-talented people are ready to embrace and fulfill the diverse Hispanic market demands.

  • Flexibility & Competitiveness

    Flexibility & Competitiveness

    The talent of our team and network of specialist suppliers that we have created through several Latin American countries, allow us to offer flexible world-class solutions at competitive costs.

  • Experience


    Experience teaches us to avoid fads to focus on durable, practical and efficient solutions.

  • Management


    We aim to fulfill your vision in the most accurate way achieving the best results possible in an efficient and timely manner.

  • Success


    Our focus on results defines the way we plan, execute and measure what we do. Without reaching those deliberate results,success is not the same.

  • Passion + Dedication

    Passion + Dedication

    Our team is passionate about what they do. What does this mean for you? Dedication and commitment to our clients to achieve excellence in all our projects.

Behind The Wheel

It’s not only a matter of making them work once, it’s a matter of making them deliver good results continuously.

  • Alejandro MontoyaAlejandro Montoya

    Alejandro Montoya

  • Amanda NemcikAmanda Nemcik

    Amanda Nemcik

  • Ana FlórezAna Flórez

    Ana Flórez

  • Ana Maria MarriagaAna Maria Marriaga

    Ana Maria Marriaga

  • Anahí DimoAnahí Dimo

    Anahí Dimo

  • Andrés AtehortúaAndrés Atehortúa

    Andrés Atehortúa

  • Armando SotoArmando Soto

    Armando Soto

  • Camila VelasquezCamila Velasquez

    Camila Velasquez

  • Camilo SolerCamilo Soler

    Camilo Soler

  • Carla RodriguezCarla Rodriguez

    Carla Rodriguez

  • Dimarys AcevedoDimarys Acevedo

    Dimarys Acevedo

  • Esteban SuárezEsteban Suárez

    Esteban Suárez

  • Isabel RamirezIsabel Ramirez

    Isabel Ramirez

  • Janike FloresJanike Flores

    Janike Flores

  • Janna BenitezJanna Benitez

    Janna Benitez

  • Jose AriztiaJose Ariztia

    Jose Ariztia

  • Joseam LaboyJoseam Laboy

    Joseam Laboy

  • Juan Fernando RestrepoJuan Fernando Restrepo

    Juan Fernando Restrepo

  • Juliana EstradaJuliana Estrada

    Juliana Estrada

  • Lina SosaLina Sosa

    Lina Sosa

  • Luis LopezLuis Lopez

    Luis Lopez

  • Manuel MutisManuel Mutis

    Manuel Mutis

  • Mónica FranceschiniMónica Franceschini

    Mónica Franceschini

  • Natalia MedinaNatalia Medina

    Natalia Medina

  • Nicolás VegaNicolás Vega

    Nicolás Vega

  • Ninna AcevedoNinna Acevedo

    Ninna Acevedo

  • Paola MontesPaola Montes

    Paola Montes

  • Patricia VelezPatricia Velez

    Patricia Velez

  • Pedro AcostaPedro Acosta

    Pedro Acosta

  • Sebastian ArenasSebastian Arenas

    Sebastian Arenas

  • Sebastian PlazaSebastian Plaza

    Sebastian Plaza

  • Teresa CuevasTeresa Cuevas

    Teresa Cuevas

  • Verónica CastroVerónica Castro

    Verónica Castro

  • Yan TorresYan Torres

    Yan Torres