A pat on the back! (Puerto Rico SME Digital Awards 2013)

From left to right: Monica Franceshini (Contáctica´s Social Media Director), Jennifer Caraballo (Popular® Marketing Manager), Aimee Ortíz (Contáctica´s Copywriter), Kristen Quintero (Direction Team SME), Stefan Maganto (Contáctica´s VP Operations), Veronique Descombes (SME President), Milette Rosario (Contáctica´s Account Manager), Ineabelle Tirado (Popular® Marketing Officer), Karelys Rodríguez (Contáctica´s Content Director)

Today we share with you two toasts for two happy moments that add to the passion with which we try to do things …

The first toast goes to  our win in the “Best Use of Data Driven Solutions” category at the SME Digital Awards 2013. This entity and event rewards creative and innovative initiatives in marketing campaigns, public relations and advertising in Puerto Rico.  Contáctica won for our online media campaign management of Auto Fácil, for Popular®. Obviously, it would not have been possible without the work done hand in hand with the Bank’s team, to whom we owe much gratitude.(Let’s keep Echando Pa´lante chic@s!)

Check out Auto Fácil case study here.

Although our focus as an agency is not necessarily to win prizes, but instead strive to get measurable results for our clients with the latest trends in online marketing,it feels good to get an occasional “pat on the back”.

The second toast, is to celebrate that you can now learn more about us through our new website.  We have invested several cups of coffee and enthusiasm in its “extreme makeover” in order to show what we can offer you, your business and your Brand.

Take a stroll through the site and contact us (actually, since you’re here you will not need more than a couple of clicks).

Give us the opportunity to talk to you personally, learn about your case, brand, projections and goals.



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